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(in short) Low-code/No-code = Drag & Drop

Low-code and no-code development platforms rely on their 
intuitive user interface to enable developers to quickly build
applications with drag-and-drop operation.

With software development projects multiplying and a shortage of
qualified developers looming, companies are equipping “citizen developers”
with low-code/no-code tools that enable app creation with little to no training.

“Citizen Developers”?

Citizen developers are empowered business users with little to no coding experience that build applications with IT-approved technology.

From small, struggling SMEs to crowded big corporations, citizen developers are the new solution to reduce the need to involve IT departments.

What can and can’t you do with LCNC?

Low-code/No-code technology is widely used for...

  • Building fully-functioning MVP in limited time.
  • Creating in-house tools for business processes.
  • Giving business users total control over their products.

However, they are not without their weaknesses when...

  • High availability or performance is required.
  • Applications need to interact with low-level systems.

Why many businesses choose

(source: No-code Census 2020 by
(source: No-code Census 2020 by

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