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43% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined.


Even this website that you are viewing is built with WordPress.

WordPress is not a modern web developer cup of tea. It is written in PHP, one of the most polarizing programming languages. To build custom features on a WordPress website, you either have to customize the PHP script from scratch, or mash some plugins together. There is no bells-and-whistles functionalities like GraphQL, Serverless, Microservice when it comes to operating a WordPress website. Surely, for a web developer nowadays, WordPress is a technology of the past, a dinosaur waiting to be fossilized.

But looking from a business standpoint, WordPress makes perfect sense for a Minimum Viable website for a Small-Medium Enterprise. The reliability of the codebase is battle tested throughout its 20 years existence. Most of the common use cases can be implemented using one or a combination of plugins on WordPress highly active marketplace. A full operable website for a small business can be spinned up in matter of days. And even if you have to build any functionality by hand, an extensive documentation and a huge community of avid supporter, and most importantly, an opensource codebase will allow you to do anything imaginable.

Or if you just want to use WordPress for the original purpose that it was built for - blogging - the publishing experience on WordPress is simply the best of all the free/open-source options out there, and even rival most of the propriety solutions.

The team members of CitizenDev has been working with WordPress for up to 5 years. Combined with our experience in Pro-code development, we are capable of finetuning your WordPress website to unmatched efficiency

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