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My name is An, Tran Cong Viet (Trần Công Việt An in Vietnamese). I am a third year undergrad in Hanoi, currently pursuing an Information Technology B.Sc. degree. I have spent 5 years learning and working in various sectors of IT: Software Engineering, Ed-tech, Deep Learning, Blockchain, and here I am with my latest endeavor Low-code/No-code.

My relationship with low-code/no-code is kinda a love-hate thing. On one hand, my toxic-coderity hate not being able to use the Vim keybinding to build apps. On another hand, I think that deep down I really love making usable software, and I see low-code/no-code as a very suitable mean to that end. That's why I'm on this journey with CitizenDev to spread the gospel of low-code/no-code.

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