Gym Management Project

Product Type: Web, Internal
Client: Mr. Laxman
Project Duration: weeks

Project Description


The client is a Gym Manager based in India. He requires a custom made management solution for trainers and clients to keep track of their workout sessions.

About the client:

Mr. Laxman manage his gymnasium based in India. His gym mainly focus in Zumba, Tabata and other similar exercise.

Project Context

Previously, the trainers had to keep track of client attendance manually, and attendance reports had to be compiled manually. Clients also don't have a method to keep track of their progress.

Mr. Laxman envisioned of a central application for his gym day-to-day operations, which consist of keeping track of sessions and generate client attendance reports.

Project Context

This app is for the client to used internally. The app is for 2 user classes:

  • Trainer: To create training sessions and create session reports
  • User: To see reports and download as PNG/PDF

Project goals:

High level requirements:

  • Normal Authentication Operation: Login, forgot password
  • For Admin:
    • Add new user of any privilege.
    • Bulk register clients.
    • Manage exercise type
  • For Trainers:
    • A list view of sessions:
      • View each session
      • Create new sessions
    • A list view of clients:
      • View each client’s list of sessions
      • View report for each session
      • View report for each client attendance
  • Clients:
    • A list view of sessions
    • View each session report
    • Download report as PNG

Approach: is employed for this application. This application saw us fine tuning our subpaging pattern, which allow for fast and seamless page switching. Read more about the subpaging pattern in this article: The Subpaging Pattern in

We also had to develop custom plugins for two features on the website.

  • A dynamic highlighting tool for muscle group on your body.
  • An Element to PNG tool. While plugins for this feature already exist, most are outdated and buggy.

We aim to release those plugins to the public.


Vu Tran - BA.

An Tran - Developer.

Binh Truong - Developer.


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