Greenchart E-learning

Product Type: Web, LMS
Client: GreenChart
Project Duration: 2 weeks
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Project Description

Project Introduction:

Greenchart LMS is a video e-learning system for the website, which is an update from the existing Learndash (a WordPress plugin) system.

The Client: Greenchart

The client is an independent stock trading educator in Vietnam. This client has been a stock trading educator for many years, and now he is moving his business model online. He started with Learndash on WordPress as the primary LMS system, but this system has a lot of problems:

  • WordPress based systems are notoriously difficult to make adjustments, both in the UI and business logic.
  • The overall performance of the system is poor. This is due to the inherent ineffectiveness of the PHP framework and the amount of plugins required to keep the system working.

This call for a total overhaul of the system.

Project goals:

The goal of this overhaul is to produce a web application with the following high-level requirements:

  • The website includes a course listing. Course contents are video-based.
  • Users can log in via Facebook Authentication.
  • Users can purchase course.
  • Admins can manage courses contents, update descriptions and videos.
  • Admins can manage orders, create affiliates and discount codes.
  • Anti-pirating measures for videos.
  • Automatic bank transfer detection.

The biggest challenge is to create a smooth transition for the end users to move to the new system while maintaining their access to already purchased courses. This was difficult due to the difference in the database of WordPress and the new system.


Our approach was to use as a replacement of the Learndash system while maintaining the existing blog site with WordPress, separating the 2 systems. The new LMS is accessible via a subdomain.

A 3rd party video storage was also hosted on another VPS to store the videos. The video storage exposes secured URLs so that the videos can only be streamed from the chosen domain. This prevents the users from trying to download the videos.

Due to the financial policies in Vietnam, automatic bank payment detection is only available for registered corporation or business, therefore we need an alternative solution for detecting bank transactions. We used IFTTT on the client’s mobile device to capture SMS events which send the messages to the Bubble server. The messages are later parsed with regex.

Developers on this project:

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