Product Type: Web
Client: CyberKid Vietnam
Project Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Description


Our strategic partner CyberKid Vietnam requested a landing page to showcase their social works. CyberKid had already came up with a webpage design, therefore to save time on the project, we use one one of our most experienced technical tool: WordPress

Project description

Client: CyberKid Vietnam

CyberKid Vietnam is our strategic partner - the leading organization in safeguarding children from the multitude of cyberthreats looming on the Internet. CyberKid branding aims to be simple, friendly and informative.

Project Context

The website is a simple landing page for CyberKid to showcase their works with a blog page. Traffic count is not


The requirement is a perfect fit for WordPress. We employ Oxygen Builder as the main frontend builder for the website.


Vu Tran - Developer



CitizenDev is a very professional team. They help us through all the stage of setting up a technical product, from idea inception, scope definition, UI/UX design to the implementation, all in the due course of 3 weeks.
Quynh Nguyen - Founder
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