Clinic Management System

Product Type: Web, Internal Tool
Client: HealthNow Clinic
Project Duration: 2 weeks

Project Description

Client Requirement: The client - a health clinic based in South Africa requires a simple and robust solution for managing patients informations. Clinic employees are divided base on roles: Receptionist, Nurse, Doctor, Administrator, each takes care of a part in the patient screening process.

Our approach: Our application helps streamline this process and automate several simple, repetitive tasks. We use to quickly develop this application and integrate with the Clinic existing processes, all in the timespan of 3 weeks.

  • For the UI, we use the Single Page approach for showing multiple sub-pages in a single page load, speed up the UI loading process and decrease delay.
  • For data operations, we make extensive use of Backend Workflows, to compact several data-intensive operations in a single operation call, allow for more responsive UI.


CitizenDev is simply the best development team we have ever worked with. They deliver consistently and transparently, our team are involved in the development loop very closely. It tooks us just a third of our expected budget to build a whole management system for our health clinic.
Khuveni Sipula - Director
Empowering Citizen Developers
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