About us


CitizenDev is the leading no-code/low-code firm in Vietnam. Our team members come from a wide technical background, but we all share the same vision: to bring software development closer to the mass population.

We aim to free individuals and businesses from their reliance on a technical background and IT departments via low-code/no-code education and software development.

Why us and not one of the big guys?

We know we are not the only firm specializing in Low-code/No-code, we certainly aren’t the first one. So why should you choose to work with us, and not one of the dinosaurs?

Competitive Price

Save your budget
Vietnam's lucrative oversea investment law allows us to give our customers a very competitive price.


Quality over Quantity
Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We abide by the old Vietnamese saying: "Credibility is more precious than gold".


Consulting Sessions
Our experts will give you advices to best approach your requirements, what tool is the best for the job, what features should be prioritized, all without any charge.

Direct & Personal

Customer Service
Our team will be by your side all through the life of your project, from its conception to its public offering and beyond.

Meet the people that made CitizenDev happen

Long Nguyen

Chief Creative Officer

Vu Tran

Chief Executive Officer

An Tran

Chief Technical Officer

What We Value


We strive for an open, straight-forward working environment with our teammates, and with our partners.


In all aspects of our working lives, creativity and innovation lay the foundation for our development.


We seek to understand our customers through positive experience and long-lasting relationship.

Our Partners

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